Elevating Our Urban Environments: The Power of Street Planters in Design

Blooming Streetscape Planter by Oakland Green Interiors

Columbus Underground Warm weather has officially arrived in Columbus, and with it, busy sidewalks, stores, and patios. As we slide into summer, we’re sharing how we use landscape design in urban settings to boost the use and enjoyment of these well-used spaces. Urban container planting transforms places where traditional plants-in-beds landscaping isn’t feasible or practical, providing […]

Summer Considerations for Houseplants

Watering Crop

If you’re living in the greater Columbus area, or the Midwest generally, you’re feeling the warm temps this past week. We’ve been enjoying day temps in the 70s and nighttime temps in the 50s to high 40s.  …and you’re probably itching to get some of your houseplants outside to enjoy some fresh air (and free up some […]