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Beautifying Urban Landscapes

Oakland Green Interiors currently plants and maintains some of Columbus’s most visited restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and businesses–adding curb appeal, softening harsh architecture lines, and adding beauty throughout the seasons. Add regular maintenance from our experienced service technicians to keep your plants looking beautiful! Our team will take care of watering, fertilizing, pruning, and overall monitoring our plantings to keep them looking their best.

We Offer

Seasonal change outs of colorful annual plantings for year-round enjoyment.






Elevate your surroundings by seamlessly extending the charm from interior to exterior with our top-notch patio design services. Through expert craftsmanship, we transform outdoor dining areas, office courtyards, and poolside patios into havens of tranquility. Our plantscapes are meticulously crafted to meet the highest aesthetic standards, with a carefully curated selection of plants and florals enhancing every corner of your space.

Streetscapes & Entryways

Revamp your outdoor environment with our streetscape and entryway plant design services. Allow us to create inviting entryways that redefine first impressions, introducing unexpected pops of greenery to city spaces. Already woven into the distinctive landscape of Columbus, OH, our work transforms ordinary spaces into vibrant, colorful environments. Explore the possibilities of blending nature and urban sophisticated design with our expertly crafted plant arrangements.

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