Warranty & Service Level Agreement

Terms & Conditions

During the period of the maintenance program on plants installed by Oakland Green Interiors, we offer a replacement guarantee. Any plant that becomes defective due to decline from disease, insect attack, or improper watering is replaced. Plants remain healthy and attractive or they are promptly replaced at no cost to the Client. 

Unfortunately, Oakland Green Interiors cannot be responsible for warranting plants or containers damaged due to watering or other well-meaning care by persons other than OGI personnel, accidental or malicious damage by employees or the public; lack of appropriate climate control to the extent that plant health is affected; theft or mysterious disappearance of plants/containers; moving of plants/containers to different locations not initially specified or without prior approval by OGI; lowering of lighting levels below those which were originally specified as a basis for plant specification; damage due to the introduction of foreign substances including, but not limited to, liquids, construction dust or debris, or other substances not approved by Oakland Green Interiors.

Oakland Nursery Plant Warranty Policy for Plants not Maintained by Oakland Green Interiors

Oakland Nursery reserves the right to void any/all warranty coverage due to neglect, not watering the plant, excessive moisture, or inexperience of the planter. Warranty does not cover acts of nature, frost, freeze or drought and plants over-wintered in containers or above ground.

Warranty time limits

  • Outdoor trees, shrubs, and bamboo — 1 Year
  • Perennials, houseplants, bare-root stock, and grasses — 30 Days
  • Roses — 6 months or till December 1.
  • Pond plants, annuals, bulbs, seeds, and sod — No Warranty
  • Evergreens sold between Thanksgiving & December 30 — No Warranty

Interior Maintenance Service Agreements

Review our maintenance service agreement terms and conditions for Interior Plantscapes or Interior Landscape Maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance Agreements

Review our maintenance service agreement terms and conditions agreement for Exterior Maintenance Service.

If you would like to review the terms and conditions of your maintenance contracts for interior plantscape accounts and here for exterior accounts, please give our office a call at 614-268-9466 with any questions that you may have.