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Elevating Our Urban Environments: The Power of Street Planters in Design

Warm weather has officially arrived in Columbus, and with it, busy sidewalks, stores, and patios. As we slide into summer, we’re sharing how we use landscape design in urban settings to boost the use and enjoyment of these well-used spaces. Urban container planting transforms places where traditional plants-in-beds landscaping isn’t feasible or practical, providing obvious, and sometimes more subtle benefits to urban spaces.

How can urban landscaping change our built environments? A well-designed container program can do the following:

Enhance Aesthetics: A container program can make an impact with visual appeal. Street planters serve as nature’s brushstrokes, bringing color to an urban canvas that is frequently monochromatic. Whether adorning a sidewalk or framing a patio, these plant-filled accents bring charm and character, drawing attention and calling for a second look. They serve as beacons of welcome, whether for clients or visitors of office buildings, or guests of stores and restaurants.


Planters outside of a brick building


Create Serene Sanctuaries: A chaotic, busy street can be transformed into an oasis of tranquility. With carefully curated plant selections, street planters offer more than mere decoration—they cultivate an atmosphere of peace and relaxation by softening traffic noise and blocking out visual distractions. Amidst urban commotion, patrons can unwind in the embrace of lush foliage, fostering a sense of escape inside the urban jungle.

Define Space with Purpose: Beyond their aesthetic allure, street planters serve a functional role in design. They delineate boundaries, guide foot traffic, and define outdoor areas with elegance and sophistication. By strategically placing these botanical markers, you carve out intimate pockets of space or provide attractive wayfinding by highlighting entrances and access points.


Planters and plants form a natural barrier


Be a Green Solution for Urban Challenges: In downtown’s concrete jungle, greenery is a precious commodity. Street planters offer a way to add nature into our built environment, combating environmental stressors with every leaf and petal. Plants purify the air, mitigate noise pollution, and provide respite from heat islands generated by asphalt and concrete.

Brand Through Botanicals: Your outdoor space is a canvas for brand expression. Plant selection and design is key in transforming a vision into living, breathing reality. Whether cultivating a lush garden oasis or crafting a sleek, modern aesthetic, street planters become extensions of your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on customers and clients alike.

Planters full of flowers


The takeaway? There’s more value in container planters than just as vessels for greenery—they’re catalysts for transformation, elevation, and relaxation. 


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