Biophilic Design for Professionals

Partnering with Architects, Interior Designers & Industry Specifiers

Oakland Green Interiors has over 40 years of bringing nature into our built environments in ways that are thoughtful, sustainable, and creative.  We are your partner and expert on biophilic design principles and best practices for design, installation and maintenance. 

Collaboration Begins at the Beginning

By partnering with Oakland Green Interiors at the beginning of your design process, we can help you think through the practical and mechanical implications of plant walls, planters, and any other biophilic elements. This collaboration minimizes install-date adjustments and change orders, while enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless integration into your design vision.

A Moss Wall installation in Columbus, Ohio
Interior plants in Columbus, Ohio

Continuing Education for Professionals

Expand your knowledge of biophilia and integrate it into your client projects. Oakland Green Interiors provides continuing education on both the “Economic Impact of Biophilic Design” and “Moss Walls: A Biophilic Design Solution”. Learn about the credits you may earn towards your credential.

The Importance of Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is the art of harmonizing our innate love for nature with modern built environments. By incorporating natural elements into our spaces, we make buildings healthier and improve the general well-being of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

At Oakland Green Interiors, we believe in the power of Biophilia, or “love of living things.” Exposure to nature, even in small doses, provides huge mental and physical benefits. Plants will enrich your space visually, but they also boost your performance, whether you’re creating from home or working in an office.

Here's a glimpse into how incorporating nature in the workplace can make a real impact:
  • 37% Reduction in Tension and Anxiety: Introduction of plants in the workplace (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • 60% Improvement in Memory Retention and Task Performance: Presence of indoor plants (American Society for Horticultural Science)
  • 6% Increase in Creativity: Employees in environments with natural elements (Human Spaces Report by Interface)
  • Up to 15% Boost in Productivity: Mere presence of plants in an office setting (Journal of Experimental Psychology)
  • 15% More Productivity, 90% Improved Well-being: Employees surrounded by biophilic design elements (Report led by Professor Sir Cary Cooper for Interface, 2015)

Discover the transformative impact of biophilic design on employee satisfaction, health, and productivity. Partner with us from the inception of your project and together, let’s craft vibrant, nature-inspired spaces that inspire and elevate.

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