About Oakland Green Interiors

The top choice for interior and exterior plant design and maintenance services in Central Ohio


Our passion for plants goes beyond the ordinary. What sets us apart? We believe that every space is unique, and this means each of our designs should be as well.  Our interior plant installations are tailored to your space and lighting requirements, our holiday decor is custom-designed to reflect your company’s brand and style, and our exterior containers are planted with annuals and perennials to create maximum visual impact. In our showroom, you can explore captivating moss art and living walls, and reimagine interior and exterior plant designs for both commercial and residential spaces. 

The Team at Oakland Green Interiors is local and women-led.

Forty Years & Growing

For more than four decades, Oakland Green Interiors has been catering to the Central Ohio area, establishing itself as the top choice for interior and exterior plant design and maintenance services, serving both commercial and residential properties. By seamlessly integrating the natural elements and patterns of Mother Nature, we transform your spaces into tranquil havens.

Our Mission

Improving Built Spaces

Enhancing and beautifying our everyday environments through exceptional biophilic design.

At Oakland Green Interiors, we believe in the power of Biophilia, or “love of living things.” Exposure to nature, even in small doses, provides huge mental and physical benefits. Plants will enrich your space visually, but they also boost your performance, whether you’re creating from home or working in an office. 

When it comes to general health and well-being, being around plants will help you maintain focus and promote relaxation by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. So, put a plant (or three!) in your favorite working or resting spot and take a deep breath–don’t you feel better already?

Our History

Built on Expertise

What truly sets us apart is our relationship with the Oakland Nursery family, a partnership that enhances our offerings. With incredible purchasing power and flexible credit options, we are empowered to provide you with an amazing variety of plants and materials at competitive prices. We have decades of plant and landscape design knowledge in our retail centers and landscape design department, as well as access to our technical experts in landscape irrigation and drainage.   Working with Oakland Green Interiors means working with the over 80 years of green industry expertise of Oakland Nurseries.

We also offer fantastic, hands-on workshops, ideal for both plant enthusiasts and corporate teams. You’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and create your own plant art, adding a personal touch to your journey with plants!

Reiner Family Roots

Oakland Green Interiors has been providing unique plant design solutions for more than forty years. We began work in the early 1980’s, when new hotels and corporate office buildings were designed with large, central atriums. Filled with fountains, waterfalls, and tropical plants, these open-air atriums were intended to be gathering and relaxing spaces for employees and visitors alike. Following this trend in central Ohio, Oakland Nursery created Oakland Interiorscapes to provide plant material for these buildings and common spaces. 

The owner of Oakland Nursery, John Reiner, used to drive to Florida to select palm trees to bring back to Ohio. These massive palms would be installed into atrium spaces using cranes and large machinery.

As the years progressed, building designs evolved, but live plants continued to be an important part of interior design. Our team of horticulturists cared for those plants in Central Ohio, and Oakland continued to be a leader in interior plant design. In 1992, the Oakland team installed the new plant rooms in the award-winning addition to the Franklin Park Conservatory.

With today’s focus on green living, Oakland Green Interiors (previously Oakland Interiorscapes!) continues to deliver custom biophilic design solutions for businesses and residential homes in the Central Ohio area and beyond.

Oakland Green Interiors is now managed by Genevieve Reiner Mills, a third generation family operator who is committed to bringing innovative plant design to our built environments. Mills is Chief Operating Office and In-house Counsel for Oakland Nursery, LLC., and Director of Oakland Green Interiors. She spent several years as a negotiator and trial attorney for the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office and uses those skills in her position overseeing various departments at Oakland Nursery.