Plant Maintenance & Watering

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Professional Plant Maintenance & Care

Oakland Green Interiors is committed to bringing the benefits of plants to built spaces, but we also understand that caring for them can feel overwhelming. Our comprehensive interior and exterior maintenance programs offer peace of mind. Enrolling in a maintenance program means that you do not need to worry about making sure your plants get the right amount of water or attention. Our friendly team of horticulture experts will visit on a regularly-scheduled basis to set up your plants on a consistent care schedule.

These trained technicians will care for your plants truly from all angles: watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing, while keeping pests and diseases at bay. Whether for your interior plants or your exterior patio containers, we’ll keep your investment healthy and beautiful so you can enjoy the benefits they bring!

With each horticulture visit, we:

  • Provide proper water and fertilizer as needed to keep plants healthy
  • Prune and remove old, damaged leaves making sure plants always look their best
  • Rotate interior planters, if needed, for even plant growth and light absorption
  • Keep planters clean and free from debris, ensuring a tidy and welcoming display
  • If a plant appears to need extra care, we’ll swap it out for a new one to keep your space looking lively
Exterior Plant Watering with Hose

Billed monthly, maintenance rates include the care of all plants under contract as well as our Healthy Plant Warranty: if a plant “crashes” under our care, or is afflicted by a pest or disease we are unable to manage, our technicians will replace it at no additional charge. Take the first step towards a healthier environment with our professional plant maintenance services! 

Read more about our maintenance service guarantee here.