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Bring the Benefits of Nature Indoors

Oakland Green Interiors is dedicated to crafting and implementing personalized plant concepts which embody biophilic design principles that make our built environments productive and healthy spaces. Biophilic design incorporates nature and natural design elements into our built environments to transform commercial and residential spaces. With more than 40 years of experience, we create tranquil environments with interior and exterior plant design, moss walls, living plant walls, holiday decor and expert plant maintenance. Our passion and professionalism infuse life into every space we touch in Central Ohio.

We Offer

A variety of options for bringing your space in closer connection to the natural world.

Interior Plants with Maintenance Services

Spring Living Art Bowl on Reception Desk

Living Art Arrangements

Custom Moss Art & Living Plant Walls

Replica Plant Concepts

Our Approach to Interior Plant Design

Oakland Green Interiors offers on-site biophilic design consultations with complementary estimates. All designs are tailored to suit your space and style within our “right plant in the right place” philosophy.

We welcome visits to our showroom to see samples and get design inspiration. If desired, we can provide mock-ups and samples to provide visual concepts of what your space will feel like.

After securing design intent, we’ll finalize details, secure deposits, order materials, build, install, and bill your project. If opting into maintenance services, our horticultural technicians will water, prune, and clean your plants, keeping them healthy and happy.

Additional Interior Services

Already have plants but need help caring for them? We’ll happily give you a proposal for the maintenance of your existing plants.

Need help transplanting or repotting a large plant? We offer house call services to tackle large plant projects or provide consultation on pest or disease issues.

Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in The Junto Hotel

Maintenance Services

If purchasing interior plants through Oakland Green Interiors, we strongly encourage our clients to sign up for our monthly maintenance services. Our horticultural technicians are trained to spot plant concerns before they arise. Plus, our team will show up on a consistent basis, protecting your investment and saving you the worries about “who watered the plants?”

Billed monthly, the maintenance rate includes the care of all plants under contract as well as our Healthy Plant Warranty: if a plant “crashes” under our care, or is afflicted by a pest or disease we are unable to manage, our technicians will replace it at no additional charge.

Add Something Extra with a Living Art Arrangement

Seasonal Desktop Plant Arrangements

Our Living Art Arrangements are just that: a gorgeous and unique mix of plants and decor to create miniature landscapes designed to delight and charm. Changed out four times a year to reflect seasonal shifts in style and feeling. Our arrangements come in two standard sizes, or can be custom sized to fit a specific space, and they are covered by a maintenance warranty so that they always look lovely. They make a lovely statement on reception desks or lounge tables and add a little extra color and texture to any space. Plus, they cost less per month than a weekly rotation of fresh flowers!

Our Living Art Arrangements come with a diverse array of foliage plants and succulents, along with add-ons including orchids, air plants, and bromeliads. If simplicity is your preference, we offer orchid and bromeliad rotations as well!

Custom Plant Solutions For Any Space

Replica Plant Concepts

Do you have limited light or maintenance access for live plants? Replica plants can provide many of the biophilic benefits of living plants in spaces that are darker or hard to reach. Lifelike replica plants and innovative moss designs will bring nature to your space and also allow for unique, creative applications and installations. We would love to create a perfect display for your specific environment!

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