Oakland Green Interiors offers in-home or workplace design consultations with free estimates. All designs are tailored to suit your space using our "right plant in the right place" philosophy. Using a combination of living or faux plants, moss walls, or other natural elements, we'll help you create a space that is inviting, inspiring, and energizing.

Interior plant design featuring an aglonaema and custom moss wall

What our clients say...

“Oakland Green Interiors has been an amazing partner to work with.  Not only do the plants always look their best, but our service technician is very efficient and friendly. Thanks Oakland.” WeWork | Katie M.

"Oakland [Green Interiors] has been our greenery go-to since our rebrand in 2018. With their help, our living walls, in salon planters + outdoor landscapes have never looked better. Oakland not only helps with bi-weekly and monthly maintenance, but also collaborates with us to incorporate the best of each season into our salons + spas." PENZONE SALONS + SPAS

"Thanks so much - you and your team were amazing! I walked in today and immediately smiled when I saw the plants. :)" COHatch | Megan D. 

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Biophilia: Humans Love Plants

Biophilia is the concept that human beings thrive when we are surrounded by nature. Since very few of us actually live out in the wild, we can do the next best thing and bring nature to us--indoors and out.  Studies have demonstrated that when natural elements are incorporated into our built environments, we become healthier (blood pressure goes down! stress hormones decrease! we can suddenly focus!), and we feel happier all-around.  

Interior plant design in a coworking office space with monthly interior plant maintenance
Living plant wall with moss, river rocks, and succulents made for a commercial client. Bromiliads and pothos are cared for as part of a reoccurring monthly interior plant maintenance contract.

Custom plant designs for any space

If your space needs plants, but the environment isn't quite right--not enough light or poor maintenance access, realistic faux plants and moss can provide the same benefits without the challenges of living plants. 

Living plant wall made up of a combination of light green and dark green pothos. Living walls are cared for by our team of interior plant maintenance technicians who provide monthly plant maintenance.

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