Enriching and beautifying our urban landsape has been part of our mission since 1993. 

For your exterior applications, our team provides patio, streetscape, and entryway greenery in containers or planting beds, providing seasonal change outs of colorful annual plantings for year-round enjoyment. 

Add on weekly maintenance from our experienced service technicians to keep them looking beautiful! We are happy to water, fertilize, prune, and overall monitor our plantings to keep them looking their best.

Custom container planting trio for a commercial account in Columbus, Ohio, by Oakland Green Interiors.
Fall and plant arrangement by Oakland Green Interiors in Columbus, Ohio.
Custom planting by Oakland Green Interiors in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

What our clients say...

"Everything looks awesome!" Storypoint Senior Living | Tom C. 

"We appreciate all your hard work...if you knew the amount of people that walk by and take photos, you would be amazed!" Residential Client


Winter greenery container design in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.
custom window box with succulents

Window Box Plant Design & Installation

Rooftop Patios and Gardens

Looking for a rooftop garden or container display? We can help you with that, too! Urban landscaping projects give us a chance to get creative and make our built environments even more enjoyable.

A poolside, rooftop garden with containers of tropical plants.
A balcony garden made up of trees and plants in large containers.
Tropical plants and annual flowers in containers on a rooftop patio

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