Our Roots

Oakland Green Interiors Team photo. Local plants, cared for by local people.

Oakland Green Interiors has been providing unique plant design solutions for over forty years. We began work in the early 1980's, when new hotels and corporate office buildings were designed with large, central atriums. Filled with fountains, waterfalls, and tropical plants, these open-air atriums were intended to be gathering and relaxing spaces for employees and visitors alike. Following this trend in central Ohio, Oakland Nursery created Oakland Interiorscapes to provide plant material for these buildings and common spaces.

The owner of Oakland Nursery, John Reiner, used to drive all the way to Florida to pick out palm trees to bring back home to Ohio. These massive palms would be installed into atrium spaces using cranes and large machinery.

As the years progressed, building designs evolved, but live plants continued to be an important part of interior design. Our team of horticulturists cared for those plants in Central Ohio, and Oakland continued to be a leader in interior plant design. In 1992, the Oakland team even installed the new plant rooms in the award-winning Franklin Park Conservatory.

With today's focus on green living, Oakland Green Interiors (previously Oakland Interiorscapes!) continues to deliver custom biophilic design solutions for businesses and residential homes in the Central Ohio area and beyond.

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