Pothos Marble Queen (Epipremnum aureum 'marble queen')

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A tropical vining plant with glossy, richly colored leaves, pothos are a great starter plant for new plant parents! They come in many varieties, ranging from solid neon green to variegated light green and white. Also fast growers, they can be easily trained to trail out or climb, going up trellises or cascading down shelving.

The 'Marble Queen' variety boasts variegated green and white leaves.

Lighting: Medium or bright indirect light is best, but will survive (not thrive) in low light. Variegation may be lost in low light, and conversely more pronounced in higher light.

Watering: Weekly. Allow the top third of soil to dry before watering deeply. 

Toxicity: Moderately toxic to pets, can cause upset stomach and mouth irritation.