If you're looking for a texturally different and interesting plant, the Pilea is a great choice! Aquamarines have tiny green leaves on red stems, creating a look of a fluffy green cloud. As the stems grow, they will cascade down into a curtain of green.

Aquamarines aren't readily avialable in the warmer months, since they are temperature sensitive to heat during shipment, so grab one now while the weather is cooler.

Lighting: Medium to Bright indirect light.  They will not be happy in harsh direct light, but will thrive in medium light or a window with a sheer curtain.

Watering: Biweekly. If the top 1" or so of soil is dry. They don't like to sit in water.

Toxic to Pets: No! Pilea are non toxic! :)

Note: this particular batch comes in a 6" hanging basket. The hangers can be removed if you prefer to put it in a container!