Pet-Friendly Pals: A Pair of Plants for Your Green Household

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Our pet-friendly pair has been created with your furry friend in mind!

Marantas and Calatheas both have similar care needs-- we know you lead a busy life already!

This pair will contain a 6" Calathea (Freddie or Medallion - growers choice, and a 6" Red Maranta (prayer plant).


A 6" Calathea (Freddie or Medallion - growers choice), along with an 8" Lemon Lime Maranta (hanging basket).

Lighting: They both prefer medium to bright indirect light.

Watering: Weekly: they prefer consistently moist (but not soggy) soil and higher humidity. If they start to dry out, you'll see their leaves curl up--if you see this, water them ASAP.

Toxic to Pets: NO! Marantas and Calatheas are non-toxic to pets! :)