Oakland Green Interiors provides plant services to Columbus and Central Ohio communities, enriching lives with green plants and natural elements. Using Biophilic Design concepts, we provide indoor and outdoor plantings, green wall and moss wall installations, holiday displays, replica plants and plant rentals, plus full interior and exterior maintenance services.

Biophilic Design is the science of combining our intrinsic, human love of nature with modern-built environments. By incorporating natural elements into our spaces, we make buildings healthier and improve the general well being of our bodies and spirit.

Our specialized design teams create and build custom interior plant decor, exterior/streetscape decor, and seasonal holiday designs for Residential and Corporate clients. We are happy to work with your company's brand or personal style, or create something completely one-of-a-kind!

Holiday decor by Oakland Green Interiors

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Maintenance Contracts

If you're on service with us and would like to review the terms of your maintenance contracts, you can access them here for interior plantscape accounts and here for exterior accounts. Please give our office a call at 614-268-9466 with any questions that you may have,