Moss Art

Preserved moss art is an excellent way to bring natural elements into a space that lacks light, space, or the accessibility to maintain. Moss walls can be simple in styling, or complex and rich with detailing and added elements. Our custom designs are created with real, responsibly-sourced, preserved mosses that can be tailored to your brand and/or design needs.

The benefits have been proven--moss walls help clean the air, absorb sound, regulate humidity, and give us the same biophilic benefits that plants do. As an added bonus, preserved moss walls do not require maintenance as they do not need light or water, and do not attract pests of any kind!

Custom moss art with alternating vertical stripes of assorted colors of moss. Moss art by Oakland Green Interiors in Columbus, Ohio. Local biophilic design.
Custom moss wall with logo. Columbus, Ohio.
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Unique Art & Wayfinding Tools

Moss, living plants, and other preserved/natural materials can be used in a myriad of ways to create a custom accent piece for any space or purpose. Moss walls and moss art can be turned into room dividers and wayfinding tools, or, designed as custom logos, dramatic backdrops, or a natural work of art.

Our movable moss wall room dividers come in 4' and 6' tall sizes, and can be made with an assortment of interchangeable panels of natural materials.

Living Plant Walls

For a dramatic and truly environment-changing option, consider living plant walls to bring a (literal) breath of fresh air into your space! Plant walls can be as small as 2' x 2', or large enough to fill a wall and can even be custom-designed to include unique plant specimens and blooming plants.

Our plant walls are maintained by our expert horticulturalists, keeping them lush and lovely in all seasons.

For outdoor or challenging environments, consider a realistic-looking faux! Can you guess which image below contains a faux plant wall?

Living plant wall with a selection of pothos in various shades of green. biophilic design, columbus, ohio
living plant wall with neon logo

Artificial Plant Solutions

For outdoor or challenging environments, consider artificial plant material. Artificial plants can create the same ambiance as living plants--and we work with the best product around! Modern artificial plants can be utilized as floor plants, used in wall hangings, and can be assembled to be their own freeform structures.

Outdoor faux plant wall at a mall using assorted tropical plants and a flower garland over the top. Faux plant wall by Oakland Green Interiors. biophilic design

Think vertical!

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