Seeking Unique Art or Creative Space Dividers?

Moss, living plants, and other preserved/natural material can be used in myriad ways to create a custom accent piece for any space. Moss walls can be turned into room dividers, or designed as custom logos, dramatic backdrops, or natural works for art.

Custom logo made of multi colored moss
Large floor to ceiling moss wall in a commercial office

Moss Walls

Moss walls are excellent for bringing a green or natural element into a space that is lacking light or accessibility to maintain. They can be simple in their styling, or complex and rich with details.

Moss walls are essentially no maintenance, as they do not require light or water, and they do not attract pests.

We offer moveable moss wall room dividers in 4' and 6' tall sizes, and come with an assortment of interchangeable panels of natural materials.

Large moss wall with natural elements
Movable moss wall room dividers, with inter changeable panels.

Living Plant Walls

For a dramatic and truly environment-changing experience, consider living plant walls to bring a literal breath of fresh air to your space.

Plant walls can be as small as 2' x 2', or large enough to fill a wall and can even be designed to include unique plant specimens and blooming plants.

Our plant walls are maintained by our expert horticulturalists, keeping them lush and lovely in all seasons.

Living plant wall with a selection of pothos in various shades of green.
Large living plant wall in a corporate office.

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A small, black framed, live plant wall and a small, black framed moss wall in a office lobby.