Sculptural Style: Geometric shapes in natural forms

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Note: This collection will include either a shrub fiddle leaf fig, or a shrub “little fiddle”—a fig with a more compact leaf.

Dramatic lines and curves makes this collection a work of art. These high impact plants will make a statement in your space with their unique textures and mod vibes. 

These plants would prefer a place with medium to high light.

This collection currently includes:

  • one 6" rubber plant (burgundy, tineke, or ruby, depending on availability)
  • one 10" fiddle leaf fig (shrub or tree form, depending on availability)
  • one 10" ZZ 

Need decorative containers for instant display or as a gift? Select the "Terracotta container" option on the dropdown menu--your plants will be staged in classic terracotta pots with interior saucers.

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