Moss wall detail

You Asked, We Answered: Moss Walls!

By Brittany Robinson

Moss wall detail

Preserved moss art has continued to grow in popularity over the last few years--for good reason! Moss walls are a perfect alternative to living green walls in circumstances where space may be an issue, plant maintenance may not be a possibility, or if you're simply looking for something one-of-a-kind. Today, the creative options are endless. We can make moss walls with preserved wood elements, preserved and artificial flora, fungi, stone, and more! With these things in consideration, we'll delve into some frequently asked questions: 

Are moss walls alive?
Short answer: No! Our moss products are preserved and/or dried. Our suppliers ethically grow and sustainably harvest the real, living moss, and then preserve and dye it with nontoxic resins. That being said, the concept of biophilia suggests that moss walls are just as effective as live plants in allowing humans to feel closer to nature. 

Do moss walls need light?
Since they are preserved, moss walls do not need light- in fact, the colors are subject to fade if they are in constant direct sunlight. Artificial lighting will not affect the moss, so you are welcome to add some dramatic lighting to showcase your piece!

Do moss walls need water?
Nope! Because the moss is preserved, it does not need water to survive. Reindeer moss stays fluffy by taking up moisture from the air. In drier months (Winter) it is possible for moss to get slightly "crunchy" to the touch due to a lack of humidity in our inside air. This will not affect the moss itself in the long run, and it will regulate itself back to normal on its own.

Do moss walls attract insects?
No! Because of the preservation process, our mosses do not need water and
they do not have soil. There is nothing left to attract insects.

Are moss walls really maintenance-free?
Moss walls do not require regular maintenance! To keep it looking its best, make sure to avoid any direct contact with heating or air conditioning vents as this can damage moss pieces. Also be sure to not touch the moss! This allows colors to fade and pieces to eventually fall off. Oakland Green Interiors offers a "checkup" service where one of our designers will come out to fine tune your moss art. We ensure that all pieces are securely in place, remove any dust particles with canned air, and apply a fresh layer of preservative to the surface.

How long do moss walls last?
There is no straightforward answer to this question since moss walls are still fairly new, but there is no lifeline to a preserved moss wall. It is estimated that most moss art can last up to ten years before needing a professional touch-up, but this greatly depends on the types of mosses used, the humidity in the environment, and whether or not the art is within human reach (at risk of being touched.)

Where can I install a moss wall?
Moss walls are beautiful in large, commercial spaces, but equally as beautiful in homes. A custom moss wall is a piece of art that can be appreciated almost anywhere. However, dry areas are a no-go. We avoid installing moss walls near heating/air conditioning vents, as the constant blasts will ruin the moss. We also don't recommend outdoor moss walls, as the colors will fade in direct sunlight and moss walls cannot be installed in places where they will get wet.


Forest Moss detail shot


Did we answer your questions?! If not, feel free to contact us ! Each of our moss walls is one-of-a-kind, and custom designed with your space in mind. We'd love to assess your space and create something special