Dublin Methodist: Rooftop Revitalization

Dublin Methodist: Rooftop Revitalization

By Genevieve Mills

Dublin Methodist: Rooftop Revitalization

In the summer of 2022, we were approached with an exciting and challenging project: to completely overhaul the rooftop garden at a local hospital, Dublin Methodist.  Situated on the third floor of the hospital, what was supposed to be a visual respite for staff and patients had become a messy distraction overrun with weeds.

Over the course of several weeks, our team removed all of the weeds, added soil amendments, and planted over 1500 new perennials to create an everchanging prairie-style garden.  We included plants that could tolerate wind, lots of sun, and very shallow soils, as the deepest part of the garden was about 5 inches.  We also included as many native and pollinator-friendly plants as possible--even leaving some stray milkweed that had somehow made its way onto the roof!


Below: An image of the garden before we started remodeling

picture of an overgrown rooftop garden, filled with knee-high weeds

Below: An image of the garden once we cleared the tallest weeds

Rooftop with tall weeds removed, empty except for some low weeds and a handful of small plants.


Viewable from the 3rd and 4th floors of the hospital, the garden is now a colorful oasis of blooms and buds. It attracts different types of wildlife and brings joy to the hospital staff, patients, and visitors! Our team continues to keep it pruned, fertilized, and maintained throughout the changing seasons.


A view of the finished garden from the 4th floor of the hospital:

birds eye view of the planted perennial garden

Detail images of some of the blooming perennials:
perennials in a garden    Coneflowers in garden