Plant (Im)Perfection

Plant (Im)Perfection

By Genevieve Mills

Plant (Im)Perfection

(Yes, these pics are of real plants, owned and cared for by yours truly--not what you'd call glamour shots, but I love them nonetheless.)

In our internet and image-is-everything obsessed world, we all fall for it: the glossy photos of food, cakes, interiors, or plants: perfectly cooked, baked, designed, and grown. But it's time for some real talk. Nothing is perfect, not even (and especially!) our beloved houseplants.  As mentioned before, plants are living things that are cultivated and grown, often in a variety of circumstances and settings. When they move to a new home, like many of us, they go through an adjustment period as they get used to lighting, humidity, and care practices.  


Sometimes, that adjustment period involves leaf drop, or some weird growth habits and reaching for light that results in bent or crooked stems.  That's ok.  Like people, every plant is its own individual and will respond differently to its environment.  Embrace the uniqueness and imperfection of your plants and know that even if your plant isn't cover-model perfect, it still makes you and your space happier and healthier. 

Remember these basics for overall plant health:

  • Less is generally more when it comes to watering (water when the top inch or so of soil is dry). In the winter, plants automatically slow their growth, so you may be able to water even less than normal.
  • If you can, make sure the plant isn't in standing water.
  • The more bright, indirect light (most dislike direct sunlight) you can give your plant, the better--but many plants will manage in less-than-ideal lighting situations.  
  • Light pruning will increase growth from the center of the plant for more fullness.
  • Try, try again.  Sometimes a plant just won't make it, no matter what you do.  When in doubt, get yourself a snake or zz for a set-it-and-almost-forget plant friend.

Don't forget, we're here if you have any questions or need some advice!