Moss Walls: Natural Art with Beauty and Brains

Moss Walls: Natural Art with Beauty and Brains

By Genevieve Mills

Moss Walls: Natural Art with Beauty and Brains

Moss walls are rapidly (if not already) becoming the next big concept in interior design. They are art in their own right, but thanks to the flexibility of this amazing material, moss also offers a wide array of benefits to the workspace.

Moss itself is a sustainable, growable material.  Grown and harvested responsibly, it is then preserved so that it does not require soil or water to stay green.  It can be dyed in a variety of colors, for works of art that reflect the colors of nature or a particular brand.

Green, preserved sheet moss   Lime preserved reindeer moss

As a natural element, moss art and moss walls will change the dynamic of a workspace.  According to ‘Human Space Report’, employees were noted to have a 15% higher level of well-being and 6% increase in productivity when surrounded by natural elements in the office. Moss walls or moss panels, living or faux plants, and even fish tanks or water features can improve a workspace! Some studies have demonstrated up to a 15% increase in creative thinking when employees are working in a nature filled space. This is because when we're connected to/surrounded by nature, we are more likely to relax, thus allowing our minds to be more focused on tasks, or to wander creatively.

One of the coolest things about moss is that it is excellent at sound absorption.  The ability to absorb sound is measured on a scale from 0 to 1, 1 being the highest level.  Moss is a .9, meaning it is excellent for minimizing echoes in large, high ceilinged rooms with lots of hard surfaces.  (Put moss walls in your recording studio and you'll get the dual benefit of excellent sound absorption AND get those creative juices flowing!)

Moss also purifies the air! Even though it is preserved (it's not "alive," but it's not "dead" either), it responds to moisture levels in the air.  In humid environments, it takes on more moisture becoming softer and also absorbing and trapping trace toxic elements. When the air is drier, moss releases moisture, helping to balance out humidity, while still holding airborne particulates.

Finally, moss requires almost no maintenance--since it doesn't grow, it doesn't need to be watered or pruned. Plus, if can go in places that may otherwise not be ideal for living plants--walls, ceilings, or environments where soil may not be utilized. 

Moss can be applied to an assortment of substrates, which means, the applications for design are practically endless.  For more information about how to incorporate moss walls or other natural elements into your workplace, please drop us a note or give us a call at 614-268-9466. We'd love to share our love of biophilia with you and enhance your everyday space!