I just brought my plant home... now what?

I just brought my plant home... now what?

By Genevieve Mills

I just brought my plant home... now what?

Congratulations! You just took an awesome step to making your home and yourself happier and healthier.  Let's get you set up for success--here are the basics of what to do with your new plant.

  • Remove your plant from the plastic or paper sleeve, and let it get some air.  
  • Stick your finger in the soil so you can feel about half way down into the pot. If your finger comes up dry or with very little soil on it, run your plant under the faucet until water comes out of the drain holes.
  • Let your plant drain in the sink, while you grab your decorative container.
  • Set your plant into the container. If it sits too low in the container, find something non-porous and sturdy (wood blocks, pieces of styrofoam, pebbles) and place in the bottom of your container to raise the grow pot up so it is just below the lip of the container.


  • Find the brightest spot for your plant--as near to a window as possible, or up on a shelf.
  • Avoid placing your plant near a heating/cooling vent, or in the direct path of an AC unit. Blowing air will dry out your plant and make it very sad.
  • Avoid placing your plant near an exterior door where they may experience cold drafts when you're coming in and out. Interior plants typically don't like temperatures below 50 degrees.
  • Most of these plants like bright light, but not direct sunlight. Try not to put your plant in a window that may receive harsh late-afternoon light shining directly on it--this could scorch the leaves. 

Once you have your plant in place, keep an eye on it.  If it starts to droop or leaves turn brown, make sure the moisture level is right, and maybe try a different location.  Interior plants can make use of artificial light, so don't be afraid to turn on a lamp to give it an extra boost.  

Remember: plants are living things that can make adjustments to their environment.  As long as they're getting the right amount of water and enough light, they will be happy.  Enjoy your new plant friend!