Places We Love That Love Plants: Heartfelt Yoga, Short North

By Genevieve Mills

Time to pause, take a deep breath (, and enjoy the latest edition of Places we Love that Love Plants.  We're checking in with Heartfelt Yoga studios, located in the Short North.  Yoga, mindfulness, and plants are a combo that's made for one another, and the deeply inclusive and diverse team at Heartfelt live and breathe that natural interconnectedness.  
How many plants do you have in your business? (Take a guess!)
40+ in our yoga studio (and more coming in our cycle space!)
How have you acquired your plants (purchases? gifts? employee cast-offs?)
Primarily gifts, trading yoga for plants, etc. (most came from April!)
What prompted you to include plants in your space?
To bring even more LIFE to the space and joy and warmth and comfort.
Who takes care of your plants? Do you have a plant-parent on your staff?
Me (Vinny, owner) + my personal assistant Lauren + April.
How do your clients, customers, or guests respond to your plant collection?
They absolutely ADORE them and comment on them regularly. It's become a staple of the yoga studio and will be at our cycle studio too.
What's your favorite thing/s about having plants in your business?
The joy it brings others.
Anything else you want to share about the intersection of plants and your business? Got any favorite plants in your space?
My absolute favorite is the 'heartleaf' (philodendron) hanging from the ceiling right in the middle of Heartfelt. the symbolism and the beauty just shines!